Teaching at NHH

Year Term Course Name
2020 Autumn ECS508 PhD Econometrics

Over the course of my PhD studies at UCL, I taught multiple courses at the undergraduate (BSc) and graduate level (MSc). I am experienced at teaching Empirical Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Urban Economics, Statistics, and Applied Economics.

Courses taught at UCL

Year Term Course Role
2016-19 Spring Empirical Industrial Organization (MSc) TA for Lars Nesheim
2017-18 Fall Urban Economics (3rd year BSc) TA for Nikita Roketskiy
2015-18 Both Quantitative Economics and Econometrics (2nd year BSc) TA for Dennis Kristensen and Áureo de Paula
2014 Fall Statistical Methods in Economics (1st year BSc) TA for Adam Rosen
2014-15 Fall An Introduction to Applied Economic Analysis (elective) TA for Beatriz Armendáriz


In 2015-17 I also served as a PGTA Coordinator, facilitating communication between students, TAs and the Department.

In 2012-13, while at the Warsaw School of Economics, I taught an undergraduate course in Econometrics and Operations Research and a graduate elective module in Microeconometrics (in Polish).

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